Cultural Activities

The school has special facilities to provide training from music, dance, painting, theatre, debate, discussions, etc. Our specialized tutors take care of these activities. There are many exposure programmes arranged to discover and encourage the talents of the children. Various cultural teams of the school have given stage shows in different parts of the area. The annual cultural day is celebrated every December. Special emphasis is given to experiment with original & creative ideas in the field of various fine arts.

Personality Development

Children’s Personality Development Camp is a regular feature of the school during summer vacation. It is a matter of pride that this is the only camp of its kind organized in the entire area. The camp inculcates in children the qualities of team spirit, self-confidence, self-discovery of talents, leadership qualities, etc. Experts in different fields like music, theatre, sculpture, crafts, fine arts, dance, and painting are the resource persons.

Study Tours & Picnic Trips

The school organizes various study tours and picnic trips after regular intervals. These study tours and picnic trips give the students an opportunity to learn more from the trips. the students also improve their talents of observation, analysis, and exploration into new knowledge.